Friends & flow

Waiting for parts has never been so fun.  We have been fortunate to experience all sorts of reunions with friends who have traveled to or through Vero Beach over the past month.  

Tom was Mark’s first sailing partner on Fetish (Columbia 26), which he and Suzanne still sail in the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron.  He flew in from New Orleans for a great visit to catch up on old and new stories.  

TW Old Sailing Pics - 21 TW Old Sailing Pics - 25 TW Old Sailing Pics - 87

It’s been a number of years since we’ve seen Tom, we’re guessing around 15 years.  We were in denial about that until we realized that it’d been about 30 years since these two were sailing together on Fetish.  These guys were young, fearless and fashionable (!) back in the 1980’s… sailing and hiking in the Great Lakes (while I was still in high school - lol).

TW Old Sailing Pics - 37

Soon enough, Keith and Jaime (Kookaburra) swung through Vero Beach for a little detour on their trip back to St Thomas to help rebuild the USVI’s.  We were all set to tease them about their impressive mound of package deliveries, until we realized that the majority of them were going to people in the islands that needed hard-to-get supplies.  Well done, friends.


We had a fun few weeks playing with these two ~ our first cruising buddies since the very first leg of our departure from Groton, CT nine years ago in 2008.  

Having shared so many common experiences when starting this new lifestyle, we always have that connection together.  

The last time Reach & Kookaburra were together, Keith & Jaime found us in San Blas, Panama in 2014 and we planned an amazing land trip to Peru together the following year.  This is one of the BEST parts of cruising, re-encountering friends out there in various ports of call to re-connect and make new memories.  

Chuck popped into Vero Beach for a few days to work on Independencia.  We also go waaay back to our work days and he helped us deliver Reach from Florida to Connecticut in 2003.  He was puppy-sitting Happy and we had fun with them over lunch and cocktails in-between all of the projects.  

Next, Jeff (Virtual Reality) stopped over from Sarasota to spend a weekend to contemplate cruising, technology, life, good food… and rum.  We always have fun playing with his new toys!  Leslie got to check out some VR on the headsets.  I was impressed with the newest 360 degree filming in 3D ~ visually outstanding.

Jeff brought his 360˚ 3D camera to start his own filming on Reach.  We’ve never done any sort of vlogging before, so it was a new experience.  Most videos don’t grab or keep my attention for very long, but this new technology is so impressive it may be a game-changer.  Still, I’m usually more comfortable behind the camera… but there is nowhere to hide on this one.

Clark & Michelle on Roam are back in Florida after completing their first full East Coast cruise.  We’ve enjoyed catching up with them over a great reunion happy hour on Roam, several fun meals out with Scott and Tina (Sangaris) and a surprise dinghy ride on their new Brig dinghy with the puppies.

Winding down to our last few weeks in the States, I don’t think I could have survived the time over the last several years spent in Florida if it weren’t for Leslie (Texas Two Step).  It is hard to describe how certain friendships become so natural and comfortable that it just IS.  

Upon the first step into a room when we see each other, there is a barage of brainwaves and words being thrown through the air.  Coming up for breath, we also quietly observe the world around us.  No setting is devoid of inspiration and fodder for curiosity.  Google searches fly, references and observations are shared.  Personal perspectives are considered.  We now know that this continues throughout 10 days in a car together.  

Being thinking people… we have tried to analyze this friendship itself.  It is a kind of flow… where you are fully in the present; time and space fade away.  For me, flow is something I experience when I’m doing yoga, snorkeling, cooking, reading, taking photography walks.  Senses and instincts are tuned in... and gratitude is foremost.   

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