It takes just a bit of decompression to fully immerse yourselves into San Blas bliss.  Everything sloooows down and unfolds before you, when your mind is still in high gear from all of the projects and preparation of the weeks before… Well, maybe just a few more projects and mainsail tweaks before full decompression! 

But it doesn’t take long to find your rhythm again.  So far, we have followed well-worn tracks to a few favorite anchorages, snorkeling spots and fishing holes.  

The first weeks back have been absolutely lovely.  We feel quite at home in these islands and enjoy getting back to simple living with each other.  It is the best feeling to wake up at anchor and let each day take its own course, doing whatever it is we love to do… cooking, swimming, music, socializing…

The crews of Reach and Kookaburra certainly feel fortunate to live life so close to nature.  It’s so damn picturesque that you can’t help but drink in every view at all times of the day (and share stories at night!).  

Here, we also caught up with Denny & Becky (Kokomo) back at anchor after seeing them on the same return flight to Panama City.

Meeting up with Tom & Julie (Gris-Gris & dinghy Crawdad) and their friend Brownell was another bonus, since we at least got a few days of overlap to catch-up and spend some time together despite our criss-crossing schedules of the past.  

We also re-connected with a few Kunas who supplied us with coconuts, grande crabs, beautiful islands for yoga practice anytime we want to visit them and a few special requests to our friend and master mola maker, Prado.  We’ll have go to visit his island next!

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