City fix

I always thought of myself as a city-girl from Baltimore, struggling to learn the ways that come naturally to Mark and my rural friends… gardening, dressing meat/fish, baking from scratch, making homemade granola, yogurt and salsas.  I now do all of the above, yet haven’t tried canning or raising animals (geckos excepted)… yet.  It is all a fun challenge and a great way to feel self-sufficient so I am slowly settling into country-life ~ on a boat.

That said, Mark and I both have always loved a good city fix throughout our time together, originating in San Francisco ~ including some faves New York, London, Paris, Granada, Shanghai, Cartagena, Panamá, Guatemala, Cusco…& Halifax!  

Whereas we travel to see the world on Reach, the world comes to YOU in a city.  I love walking the streets in anonymity, admiring signs, shapes and structures, settling into a coffee shop, people watching, sampling the local cuisine and formulating the personality of a given city.  

When Roam arrived at the Halifax city docks there was a Jazz Festival to the right, a Farmer’s Market to the left and Breweries in every direction.  We took advantage of all of these activities in the long weekend we were there. 

A steady stream of pedestrians walked by the docks, often stopping to say hello, many adorned with colorful hair (green, red, purple, blue), and a majority sporting maple leaf logos of some sort!  We had our own, personal busker at the end of the dock and we gave her a loonie or two.  She later turned up playing at the brewery that night and the Farmer’s Market the next morning... as did we.

The Jazz Festival had free acts during the day and paid concerts at night.  We went to check it out both days.  Some performers we really enjoyed, in particular an Acadian-style bluegrass with trumpet/fiddle combo, a vocal jazz band with a great repertoire and a Cuban, high-energy family project.

In a wonderful coincidence, the precise weekend we were in the city, friends James & Dody (Karma I) were there for a family wedding and they invited us to the wedding after-party.  We were in true city-mode by now so we went bar-hopping with Clark & Michelle.  It was waaay past our bedtimes, but Mark & I rallied, danced and wandered amongst the crowds (pictures already getting blurry…) until the wedding party showed up around 11 PM.

It is always so heartwarming to reunite with cruising friends with whom you’ve shared joyous and/or trying experiences.  In our cases it was the latter, as Reach and Karma I were on the gritty hard three years ago in Guatemala in full blown project-mode.  James and Dody have a wonderful family, gave us lots of Nova Scotia love and it was great to see them again!  It was a short but sweet reunion; we hope to run into them “out there” again.

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