Tribute to boats in the yard

After more than two months living in the boatyard, we are keeping our spirits up and have settled into a decent routine.  Mark remains focused on his goal with full-on days of working hard without a break.  Michele is keeping the morning yoga routine going strong with fellow enthusiasts and new friends.

One side-effect of being here for so long is that we observe many boats come and go.  Each has its own set of projects to be accomplished.  All wind-up shiny and clean with fresh bottom paint to defend against persistent slime & barnacles, ready to sail away.  All leave eventually... as we might someday.

Quest (Tayana 37) was here when we arrived.  She was moved to various places around the yard a few times while Judy and her cat tried to keep track of where she was going to end up each day.  She looks pretty in green and is obviously a Packers fan.

Two Manta catamarans Iguana Dance and Outlandish were also here when we arrived.  Together with Reach, we spanned Manta 38, Manta 40 and Manta 42 boat-lengths... but not for long!!!

Our house-mates Jean-Louis & Denise on Le Lotus Bleu (Catana 38) were getting her re-gelcoated.  It was a detailing project than ended with a new blue stripe and boat name to give her that sleek look once again.

A ferrocement boat that has been here as long as we have is undergoing a heavy workload to repair a wet bow.  The cement needed to be removed and the steel structure reinforced to allow for a new cement layup.  The owners have been working non-stop and she's just about all patched up.

Amazing Grace (Bayfield 42) hauled out after the New Year and spent the first part of 2014 getting a new winter coat.  Scott & Cindy treated her to a nice peel and as of now she is all bundled up under new layers of fiberglass, epoxy barrier coat and anti-fouling paint and ready to sail across the Caribbean!

Kamaloha (Tayana 37) hauled-out for an overall gel-coat project as Charlie, Maurene and family arrived on their well-traveled RV.  This way they can live off the boat yet not too far away, have access to areas for varnishing and still remain mobile if need be.

Five Islands (Lagoon 37) arrived, a boat we've seen in many corners of the Caribbean.  We finally got to meet her owners John & Sue as they were able to relieve their catamaran of several layers of bottom paint and give her a fresh coat.  We've been within radio range so many times, perhaps we'll see them on the water next time rather than in passing.

Arwen (Halberg Rassy 40) stopped by for a quick bottom job along with some prop and rudder work.  Daniela & Jens were enthusiastic about joining us for yoga every day and had fun contorting themselves into the occasional pretzel.  Then they solved the prop puzzle and were off floating once again.

Karma 1 (Columbia 45) has been in the yard as long as we have and is now ready to splash.  She was treated to a solid hull repair with barrier and anti-fouling to follow, plus a colorful new orange bootstripe to match James' shirt.  He & Dody are in their first year living on her and ready for many happy years of cruising ahead.

Chuck & Anna later arrived on Windancer (Catalina 38) and they watched on from the casita as she got a good sand-blast after seven years in the water on the Rio.  Like many of the boats in the yard, the fresh water in the Rio encouraged blisters after a period of time.  Hence, RAM marina's specialization in sand-blasting and bottom protection.

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