Manta 42.25'

A few final touches were made to the starboard stern before it was glued on permanently.  Cut-outs were needed for the stern shower and emergency tiller compartment, plus arm holes for internal glassing.  

Most of this work was done in any shade we could get.  

Once the cold fronts stopped rolling through bringing days of rain with them, it started getting very hot.  

The bright sun reflecting off of cement didn't help as temperatures in the yard reached the upper 90's each day.  

Mark was trying to drink in at least as much water as he was sweating each day!

Michele finally realized that wearing a hat is a necessity to save your skin out in this sun.

Nidacore sides were glassed in last, which stiffened the build before the stern had its final fittings onto the original.  

Following the glassing of the the new bottom hull, plus the bulkhead to the original hull ~

a bit more peeking, grinding, hanging and banging was all it took to lock the new stern into place again.  

... some peeking

...some grinding (in the shade)

... some hanging

... and some banging!

This is all more challenging than it might seem...  There are internal steps and a bulkead to be made flush with the new stern, curved side joins to keep straight, stairs to keep level and any little bit of twist or stiffness can torque these lines. 

The next day, a sticky batch of resin with cabosil and chopped strand mat was made up "cold" with light catalyst addition and the starboard stern was glued onto Reach.  

IMG_2956 IMG_2975


The fit was good and after a few more bangs for good measure, the fun commenced with internal glassing by Saúl and Mark...  

Even though they made the arm holes bigger this time, it was still a tight squeeze!  

With Noé wetting the biax squares for two of them, he had to hustle to keep up with their demand.



Once this goop cured, Reach was officially a Manta 42.25!  That extra 3 inches added to the 2 foot stern extension will give us a big edge over our friends on their Manta 42's.  ;)

The final zip-up took place with added strands of biaxial fiberglass over the outer seams.  Reach's sleek new look is balanced now and ready for finishing.  

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