Yard days

It takes some adjustment to get used to life on the hard.  We lived aboard Reach for the first week of our haulout, as allowed here in the yard and as many cruisers do.  There are a few limitations to life onboard when not floating.  

First and foremost, there is no seawater intake nor gray water outflow.  

For example, you might be able to cook on your stove, but dishwater for clean-up would drain right under your boat.  

Likewise for using showers or heads!  Nope, not a good idea.  

So long walks to the public washroom & "the bucket" are our best alternatives.  

Sucks for those of us with small bladders!

Then there is the dirt.  Now that we're living on it, we are the biggest culprits in tracking with our shoes going up and down, even though we don't wear them inside.

Dirt comes from everywhere and is the essence of l'air du boatyard.  

No use in attempting ambitious cleaning yet, when there is more grinding to be done!

Now we are relatively pampered.  We are moved into the marina's apartment and have running water and plumbing for a sink, toilet and shower.  The housing is shared with a French couple who are getting their Catana re-gelcoated.  We each have our own room and bathroom.  Now my Franglish vocabulary is really suffering from cross-talk.

The apartment has an efficiency kitchen with zero counter space to ensure that we appreciate Reach's galley!  A huge TV with a few English channels is used on occasion, but we still prefer playing guitar & uke over cocktails in the evening.  

Christmas lights and my favorite (only) decorations top things off to make this home for the holidays.



Don't get the impression that we are too spoiled.  Running water comes from the river, so we have to jug our potable water.  

Crafty ants keep us on top of our game by playing hide and seek with the food in the kitchen and then there is the occasional scorpion (or two).  

Phisssht, yet another land phenomenon.  I definitely prefer sea critters clinging under the hulls, plus the occasional bonus phosphorescent display!

When there is work to be done, weather in the yard becomes an even bigger factor than usual.  Each rainy day adds another day onto the end of our stay, kinda like snow days and school make-up days.  

IMG_8583 IMG_8421

But inevitably and sometimes more than once a day, the skies clear and the action starts again with a fervor, bringing us another step closer to a new & improved boat!  More on that progress shortly...

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