Nature walk

These days I'm taking more photos than ever, yet most are of the boat project.  Some of it is to document our work so we can reference back to any stage in the project to remember what we did.  At the very least, this may help others who are interested in stern extensions or similar fiberglass projects.  

This is fun since I'm learning a lot about fiberglassing.

... yet I often find myself distracted by the butterflies flitting in front of me on the grass when I'm climbing around the boat for an overview photo.  

Oooh, pretty....

On occasion, I drag myself out in the heat for a nature walk, first stopping at the mini-zoo next door with alligators, geese & goats.

Beyond the marinas in some ragged fields there are a few birds hiding from the bright sun in the brush, including catbirds and black anis.  

I even saw a first that Trish helped me to identify, a large squirrel cuckoo with a very long tail, hopping around a tree in the distance.   

P1010114 P1010113

I've seen several interesting and lovely butterflies that come out after the rains that I find very challenging to identify, as opposed to birds and fish!  


A bright blue one with long tails was hard to miss and so distinctive that identification as a long-tailed metalmark was relatively easy.  

Another metalmark was a bit more challenging and the name turned out to be kind-of endearing: red-bordered pixie.


Then there was this speedy yellow fellow with beautifully shaped wings that sit perpendicular to each other.  

It looks like some kind of a jet at a certain angle.  

This was also hard to determine, but thank goodness for Google images, so that I could search descriptions until I knew it when I saw it ~ a Fiery skipper.


Even a funky looking spider, old truck and wilting hibiscus flower can become photogenic with the right outlook.

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