Take #3


I'm super happy to have my replacement Panasonic Lumix TS4 underwater camera back after a second warranty replacement.  They sent me a new TS4 version no questions asked after my second TS3 died again, each after a few months of regular use.  There is not much of a physical difference in these versions, yet I hope that this one lasts longer than the first two!  Already, the battery connectors are failing to turn the camera "on/off" on occasion, a symptom experienced in the past.

I do love the quality and clarity of the Lumix photos, due to excellent lenses, spot focus mode and a good white balance compensation for underwater work.  However, I've gotten more use and underwater time with an older Olympus Stylus Tough borrowed from Lizz while my Panasonic was out of commission.  Those pictures come out good as well, so kudos to Olympus for making an extremely rugged underwater camera.  If only the Panasonic equivalent were so solid a performer.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite new pictures with the Lumix TS4 that I thought I'd share while it lasts...


Juvenile french angelfish


Seaweed blenny


Dog snapper

Juvenile banded butterflyfish

Intermediate french angelfish

Pederson shrimp


Saddled blenny


Leopard goby


Spotted cleaner shrimp

Graysby grouper

Reef squid

Arrow crab

Juvenile spotfin butterflyfish

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