Sushi night

We have had many a sushi night this year, once discovering that snapper is the tastiest fish to eat this way.  Sashimi appetizers start us off for a taste-test, where dog and mutton snapper are alternately at the top of the favorites list.  Cubera is also a contender raw, although it is the best cooked snapper full stop.  

It all starts with a fresh fish...

Stefan (Sawadi) has returned to the islands and has contributed fish (& chocolate) to our feasts, when not kiting. 

Learning from Gretchen and Lizz how to make rolls by hand (no bamboo), I've finally mastered the technique!  

We get quite the assembly-line going and taking turns, have been known to roll-out a dozen rolls in a night's feast.  

The best part ~ besides the eating of course ~ is creating endless unique rolls with a huge variety of ingredients (veggies, unagi sauce, toasted panko, fresh herbs, fried plantains (!) etc, etc).


Some ingredients work best in tandem (like unagi & cream cheese with panko) and some rolls are house favorites (Texas roll = fish chunks in mayo & HOT sauce), but they are all fantastic!  

Grouper fingers are on the menu when the catch of the day is grouper.  Admittedly we haven' tried it, but the consistency of the fish doesn't seem to stand out for sushi.  Just a lightly spiced corn meal coating and fry 'em up with some fancy sauce for dipping.

This black grouper came with its own appetizer fish...  Mark must have caught him while dining, since this grunt came out of his gullet once we got him back to the boat.  Eeew!

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