Puerto Barrios

In-between boat projects over the past month, we've been able to take a few day-trips to visit neighboring towns.  The first excursion was a drive to Puerto Barrios, a town near the mouth of the Rio Dulce, with several people from the marina.  

It was market day, which always brings interesting wares on display for anything you can imagine needing!  

There are hardware sections, kitchenware, textile tools and accessories, undies & bras galore, clothes of all types from ropa Americana to local styles, shoes and toys.  


Always a fun sensory experience, it is a bonus when you find something for yourself ~ like this lovely skirt.

As a port-town predominated by Dole and Del Monte exports, there were some larger grocery stores and even a mini-mall complete with its own parking lot guard.  We stopped here for a few provisions and then headed to a local restaurant called Hibiscus for lunch.  



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