The Hibiscus restaurant and finca is located on the outskirts of Puerto Barrios.  It is a gem and owner Sandra welcomed us warmth, eager to share her project to capture the diverse heritage of the Mayan populations throughout Guatemala.  Quite an undertaking!

We walked around the grounds while our meal was being cooked.  The paths were lovely and even included a pineapple plot.  


After a long morning in Puerto Barrios, it was finally time for lunch featuring fresh gallinas (hens) offered several different ways.  The restaurant resembled a museum in itself!  Each chair topped with an intricate hupil blouse.  





Sandra then showed us their private museum designed to showcase a cross-section of Mayan cultures, it was beautifully done and an impressive piece of work.  The main features were the traditional dress of men and women of a given Mayan village. 

Here she is standing with a recreation of a Chichicastenango "K'iche" male traditional dress ~ it is cold up there in the highlands! 


Each style of dress is unique and a way to distinguish where someone is from upon sight.  I recognized many of the styles from our inland travel to many of the cultures surrounding Lake Atitlan.  

For example, on the left of this photo is a pattern from a San Juan "Kaqchikel" woman's huipil that resembles a patterned bag that I had purchased there.  

The patterns in the middle and right side are seen in Santiago worn by "Tz'utujil" women and men, respectively.

Traditional paintings representing everyday life are on display, including weaving, sorting fruit and vegetables, growing corn and even childbirth!  I love the overhead perspective of Guatemalan painters.  There are also books and other representations of artifacts in the Hibiscus museum.  This is a very pleasing place to visit if in the area.

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