So what’s an extra month?!  We have been delayed in sailing onwards due to a clogged outboard that inevitably takes time for diagnosis, parts and labor.  While dreaming of snorkeling in azure waters and long beach walks, we are wearing fleece and had to get out an extra sleeping bag to put over the bed at night to bear temperatures reaching into the 40-50’s ˚F.  I can remind myself that we have no schedule, yet patience is required at times.

Still, life aboard is good.  It is great to be home again and have time to play around in the galley, cooking with abandon.  I even found new decorative pillows (!!!) for the cockpit and raided my herb garden to make some chive butter.

Since I rarely used to cook in my previous life, this is still a fun and novel hobby for me.  I love to learn new things, yet I admit to not being terribly intuitive in this arena and am still a by-the-numbers kind of chef (analytical chemist, after all…).  

That said, I did modify a beef short ribs recipe by adding juice of an orange and its zest for the most tasty dinner of the year!  Our replacement pressure cooker (Mirro, 8qt) worked brilliantly and the meat literally fell off of the bones.

Some snacks like cowboy caviar and homemade pizzas I can proudly whip-up by memory, based on lots of practice.  

A few years ago I found an awesome, heavy-duty cast aluminum, nonstick coated pan that I love to use for pan searing ~ usually for fish, but lamb will do for now ~ and can also go in the oven.  

I’m also loving our new mini-slow cooker (thanks Maracuja!) that is even less work than a pressure cooker for when you’re feeling exceptionally lazy.  

Ironically, we’ve been “stuck” in Vero (“Velcro") Beach city marina and got to witness it get absolutely packed with all moored boats rafted two to three boats deep.  We've had two nice neighbors so far, cool catamarans matched by boat size and type for rafting.  The sunsets are pretty, although a bit early for our taste making it hard to stay up past cruisers’ midnight (9 PM) these days!

IMG_9437-2 IMG_9486

At least we’ve had a few visitors to share the extra time with, including Mark’s family from Michigan.  

The occasion was somber with the passing of his stepfather whom we all loved and miss, yet it was wonderful for everyone to come together and to have an unexpected reunion with them.

Pat came over from the west coast of Florida one day for a yummy sushi lunch, engaging conversations and to check out Reach back in the water.  He designed and built Manta catamarans in the past and is still the guru of all knowledge Manta, not to mention catamarans and boats in general.  With a valuable, critical eye, Mark’s recent projects got Pat’s seal of approval.  


Not all conversation was about boats; however, and Pat did get to carry out his mission to strangle Mark since he could not figure out how to reach through the computer when communicating on-line over the years.  It was great to see him in person again after 13 years and we hope it won’t be the last opportunity. 

Scott and Tina also returned to their condo in Vero Beach and are getting ready to launch Sangaris in early December.  We had a few memorable meals with them (note to self ~ get new recipe for Mojo Pork) and also took a short road trip down to West Palm Beach to visit Clark and Michelle on Roam.  

We’re all looking for that weather window that will take us to the Bahamas...  Despite heading to different regions in the near-term, we have a rendezvous with Roam next year!  

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