The List

Rumor has it that this is shaping up to be the hottest summer in Florida on record.  It is only fitting that we chose this time and place to tackle a lengthy boat project list.  Mark has been working virtually non-stop for the past 11 weeks to knock off project by project, requiring dozens of gallon water jugs to stay hydrated.  

We usually haul Reach out of the water every two years, which is around when a new application of anti-fouling paint is due.  When living aboard there are always minor projects (if you’re lucky) to take care of here and there to keep the boat systems running.  However, we try to minimize work and enjoy living while out there.  Inevitably, that means that the list grows and grows until the next haulout, especially when some of them can only be done out of the water.

Taking advantage of the convenience and resources of a haulout in the States, this year's list was even more impressive than usual.  These span some exciting system upgrades, wear and tear replacements and routine repairs and maintenance.  There are some big ticket items in here for sure, yet we view these as an investment in our floating home.  



FUNCTION/AGE Replacements

  1. Chain - Maggi 250’ 5/8” G4
  2. Galley freshwater footpump
  3. Saildrive seals & rear engine seal
  4. Maretron ultrasonic anemometer
  5. Mainsheet block spring - Harken
  6. Solar panels (x2) - 125W
  7. Thruhulls port side
  8. Antifouling paint
  9. Bridle lines
  10. Solar vents


repairs & maintenance

  1. Unseize bolts rudder quadrants
  2. Rebuild watermaker high pressure pump
  3. Caulk portholes
  4. Raise reefpoints in mainsail
  5. Reduce # of track cars mainsail
  6. Fix generator zinc plug
  7. Add external regulator for 60Amp alternator
  8. Install serpentine belt for 120Amp alternator

For now in mid-August, we’re about to close-up shop and do some traveling.  Mark needs a break!  Reach will stay on the hard in Riverside marina, Ft Pierce until we return in October.  There are a few items on the list that still have to be completed at that time; a major one is the changeover to Lithium ion batteries, which we will report on in detail.

A well-running boat ~ aka mini-power plant ~ is nothing to take for granted!  Reach & I are the beneficiaries of Mark's expertise and hard work as navigator, plumber, engineer, electrician, mechanic, fisherman and telecommunications specialist.

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