Tonight is our last night aboard Reach for a while.  We have packed our bags and are moving aboard Roam for a few months for some fun and adventure with Clark, Michelle, Tugboat and Sailor.  Our cabin is located forward on the Nordhavn and has tons of space with a full bath and office.  


Reach is safely tucked away in a protected slip for the summer.  We have dockage and lines on both sides and are near the marina office and fuel dock with plenty of folks to keep an eye on her.  Plus, we can plug in and run our air conditioners on dehumidify mode (plus Sun Pacs) to keep the interior dry during the heat of another Florida summer.  

April turned out to be the most pleasant month weather-wise that we can ever remember in Florida.  Nice warm days in the low 80’s and cool nights in the low 70’s (sometimes much less!) that were great for sleeping.  It has just now started to approach 90˚F in the day and staying hot at night so had to kick in the air conditioner for our last weekend here.

It was also an enjoyable month to visit friends and make new friends.  We met mooring neighbors on Makana and enjoyed the company of Rick, Katie & Hoku while we could.  Hoku even got me motivated to attempt my first painting, which was fun and a great learning experience for me since she’s been practicing a lot lately.  Too bad we didn’t meet them earlier in cruising-time since they just sold their boat and are on to new adventures.

We had a short but sweet rendezvous with Tom & Julie (Gris-Gris) flying in from Panama to Florida.  

It was great catching up with them and we hope they save us a spot in the Pool when we get back down there!

Mark’s mom lives in New Smyrna Beach and we got to see her and visit some familiar stomping grounds at the Smyrna Dunes Park along the Ponce Inlet with a good view of the lighthouse.

We  re-paid Jeff (Virtual Reality) a visit, in Sarasota this time, where we were impressed with the cool city and west coast Florida vibes.  There was plenty to make an impression with virtual reality studios, cool brew pubs & restaurants (don’t know which is more tempting, beer & cheese or beer & yoga?!) and an electric ride that backs itself out of its parking space.  We’d never done 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds before - dang!

We have plenty in common with Jeff and enjoy many of the same things, so it was nice to hang… and geek out...  

We also had lunch again with Pat and were all amazed that the world didn’t stop turning on its axis with this meeting of the minds that had now taken place more than once in a year…

Back in Vero Beach, with propellors bagged to keep the growth off and a diver scrubbing the bottom once a month, we are comfortable leaving Reach for a few months.  Mark took the gear off of the masthead and disconnected our NMEA 2000 backbone for good measure against lightning.  

We also disconnected our lithium battery bank at 30 percent state of charge.  This is a good way to store LiFePO4 without management.  We did hook up our two lead acid 12V start batteries to the charger as a pseudo house bank while away.  This will keep the refrigerator and bilge pumps running and keep them charged-up where they like to be.

We even got to pet sit the doggies on Reach for our last weekend here while Clark and Michelle traveled to Texas to untie the lines.  Now they had no choice but to get used to us, since we’ll be in their home for the coming months.  It is an exciting time for us all!

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