Panasonic TS5

I get questions often about what underwater camera I use, which is a Panasonic Lumix TS5.  I have no affiliation with Panasonic whatsoever, besides being a fan of their quality lenses.   It achieves a crisp picture for the frame in general and in close range, maintaining high resolution for cropping too.

My underwater camera gets heavy use, which is one of the reasons why I’m on my 4th one!  I first started with the Panasonic TS3, which stopped working within the first year, so I got a warranty replacement.  When the second TS3 failed within the next year (white screen of death), Panasonic again replaced it under warranty with their TS4 version.  The side-door lock isn't as secure as it should be, so this latch and door opened underwater and killed the TS4.

Still a Lumix fan, I purchased the new Panasonic TS5 camera.  Finally, a new more rugged body!  It still has the old sliding door lock, but now this has a bar around it so an inadvertent swipe won’t open the door.  I was also pleasantly surprised that the price came down about 40% due to a new CMOS detector.  It has a lot of other features that I don’t even take advantage of, like GPS/altimeter/compass, 3D imaging and color reproduction settings that I don’t really like, relying instead on Lightroom for photo processing needs.

Besides camera choice, a big factor in my underwater photos is time invested!  I spend usually 60-90 minutes snorkeling depending on how fast I get cold and try to get out a majority of days in the afternoon when the temps are the hottest.  A slight obsession with nature also helps.

This provides endless hours entertainment for me in snorkeling time, research time and photo processing time.  Here are some of the most recent findings…

True tulip snail

True tulip with banded coral shrimp

Redeye triplefin

Redeye triplefin close-up

Sun anemone shrimp

Sun anemone shrimp close-up

Smooth trunkfish

Smooth trunkfish close-up

Common octopus

Common octopus close-up

Arrow crab

Arrow crab close-up

Dog snapper viejo

Old dog with remora

Peppermint shrimp in tube sponge

Peppermint shrimp close-up

Bearded fireworm

Bearded fireworm close-up

Spotted eagle ray

Spotted eagle ray close-up

Spotted cleaner shrimp

Spotted cleaner shrimp close-up

Gray triggerfish

Gray triggerfish school


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