Jungle walks

Most of the grounds in the deserted old "Fort Sherman" are overgrown with abundant flora and fauna.  At times, it really hits you that you are walking in those same jungles of the Spanish Conquistadors, the pillaging Captain Henry Morgan, the builders of the "trans-continental" railway and the Panama Canal.  

Black-throated Trogon

At first, walking to stretch my legs for some exercise, I finally realized that it would be prudent to take my camera along to capture the frequent nature sightings.  This is proving to be as fun as the new underwater photography in terms of finding new creatures and birds to photograph and later identify!

So there I go:  walking & listening... stopping & starting...  looking around to try and find what is rustling or singing.

White-tailed Trogon

After standing still for a minute or so, I finally notice the bright colors right in front of me!  I thought it was some sort of parrot at first, but later identified this beautiful bird as a black-throated trogon.  These birds are in the same family as the magnificent quetzals.  Half-way back to the marina, there is another one right above me with different color patterns - a white-tailed trogan.  Cool.

On my walk the next day, I hear the familiar grunts of a group of howlers.  There are about six of them on either side of my path, crossing the trees above me and apparently focused on eating lunch.  

I diligently snapped away with my [other] new camera, a Canon Powershot S95.  It takes great quality shots, but I still subscribe to the random statistical approach that the more pictures I snap, the more likely one of them will be a good one.

Lo and behold, when I return to view my days' work and process pictures, it became apparent that I have captured nature in its freest form.  Wasn't there a Seinfeld episode where a commando-Cramer joyfully states "I'm free & I'm loving it!".  Mark is beginning to wonder about my new photography hobby...


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