Can’t resist

I just can’t resist sharing some recent underwater photos, of which there have been many.  Sharing the swim with friends we’ve explored quite a few beautiful reefs armed with our underwater cameras, sometimes followed by a post-snorkel beach walk.

There has been so much interesting sea life to find.  Sometimes they pose for the camera and sometimes they run from it.  I thought I'd spooked this hawksbill turtle on a recent swim as he dashed right under me, only to settle down on the reef and let me get very close for a photo shoot.

A pair of rock beauty and queen angelfish were swim buddies and turned out to be very shy for the camera.

A family of squat shrimp were living under this sun anemone.  One looked very fat to me and was definitely posing for the camera.  When the sun hit just right I could see that this one was berried and carried a belly-full of eggs!

Here are a few more cool critters for your enjoyment ~

Knobby anemone

Octopus, exposed

Spiny lobster

Mantis shrimp

Moon jelly

Yellow stingray

Gorgeous reef wall

Flying gunard

Bridled burrfish

Chritmastree worms

Warty corallilmorphs

Barracuda @ cleaning station

Juvenile blue tang under Reach

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