RK Visit

Rounding out our US tour, we made a stop in Sausalito, California to visit Charlie & Lizz who are taking a brief detour from cruising.  We all miss our Reach/Kaya play-time together and quickly made up for lost time over friendly (read: competitive) games of pool, foosball and shuffleboard.  It is no surprise that the Kaya’s are destined to be #1!!


While Kaya awaits them in Turkey, there is still opportunity to be on the water in the San Francisco bay (brrrr).  Our visit coincided with the Rolex Big Boat series at the St. Francis yacht club, where Charlie was sailing with an amazing team on the Mod70 Orion.  We were fortunate to be able to tour the boat and also follow it on one of the race days in the chase boat, Betelgeuse.  

Both boats are behemoths and the envy of their class ~ a 70-foot trimaran and 45-foot catamaran with 1200 HP (!), respectively.  That extra horse power was needed to keep up with Orion as she routinely sails in the mid-30 kt range.  We topped out at 50 kts on Betelgeuse… the fastest either of us has gone on the water.  

In true form, Orion won the Rolex series ~ #1 again!  The sailing was very exciting to watch and as a bonus, we had a front-row seat to watch this sea lion tossing a leopard shark.

During the quick week we caught up on our shared appreciation of exercise and nature with frequent hikes and red-shouldered hawk sightings, conquering “the hill” and being rewarded with the best view of Sausalito.  Other rewards included some of the best [homemade] meals we’ve had in a long time that have been out of reach in Central America, rack of lamb and wild Pacific salmon. 

Everything aligned for the RK’s for the best time between friends.  We headed to Terrapin Crossroads one evening for dinner and got to attend a free concert featuring owner Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead.  And a trip to the Bay area wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Napa Valley for some wine tasting.  We had the same driver, Eric, as we did last year in Napa celebrating Lizz’s birthday.  

One can only hope that the next Reach/Kaya reunion will be out on the water!

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