Party hats

About two weeks ago I received an intriguing text message “Are you up for a last-minute guest??”.  Beck was changing jobs and had a few weeks free, so her sister Leigh was checking in with me to see if we were near an airport.  My sister Kristin and I grew up with Leigh & Becky since elementary school and we’d all reunited last summer in Annapolis after 30 years or so... Within 3 hours the flight to Georgetown, Great Exuma was booked.  I love it when people take advantage of an open invitation and just go for it (thx for the goodie bag!).

Beck was in my younger sister Kristin’s class and Leigh and I were a year apart but shared a 5th/6th grade class together one year.  

Beck and I had a fabulous week on Reach together... got in great girl-time... found that we are highly compatible... and only called each other our sisters’ names 50% of the time!!  (They were obviously missed).

We enjoyed plenty of island-based activities for the week (more on that next time), however the theme that stands out was our social schedule!  It turns out that we ran into cruising friends that we thought we’d left for the season, since we last saw them while in the Ragged Islands and then sailed unexpectedly up to Barraterre to meet Beck.  We also ran into a former colleague and dear friend from our Pfizer days and met new friends too.  


As Mark aptly put it ~ we all had our party hats on this week!!!  Heck yeah, we were all on Beck’s vacation.

So first things first, we had a welcome gin & tonic and had made reservations for a dinner a day in advance in the small settlement of Barraterre, where we had an amazing local meal at the Fisherman’s Inn with friends.  

The next day, Beck got the full cruiser experience with a provisioning trip into town ~ seven people shoved into a rented mini-van with piles of groceries and propane tanks.  In town, we got a bacon cheeseburger fix at the Peace and Plenty with its great views overlooking Elizabeth Harbor.  


IMG_1798 IMG_1807


As a reward for a long day’s work, we stopped at Big D’s on the way back to the boats for a refreshment and toes in the sand.



After stocking up with provisions, we were on the move to other islands in the Exumas where swimming, hiking and beach walks would dominate our days.  The first night we ate the conch and lobster caught that day with GoPro footage.




Then Chuck & Megan arrived on Independencia.  Mark has known Chuck longer than he’s known me and we all worked together at Pfizer where the Fisher’s Island Sound was our sailing grounds.  Chuck also helped us deliver Reach from FL to CT after we purchased her in 2003 and we have accumulated many memorable stories over the years!  It was so great to see them if only for a day.  We need more time to catch up.  That evening, Beck and I stayed up until midnight... checking our photos and chatting over a rum...

Bob & Robin on Inspiration invited us over the next night with John & Barbara (Sam the Skull) and new friends Rolf & Silke (Second Chance 42) for a wonderful dinner ~ green salads all week thanks to our new provisions.  The company was fabulous too, hailing from New Zealand, Scotland and Germany, respectively.


Then the rum came out.   Later that evening, Beck and I had some more rum and chatted some more over pictures… going to bed at 1 AM…


The next day was Silke’s birthday so we had to celebrate, of course.  We had a pizza feast on Second Chance 42 and got in a dog fix with their sweet boat dog Kye.  

The rum tasting commenced over birthday cake (Happy BDay Silke!).  That evening, Beck and I had our rums and stayed up until 2 AM... contemplating the answer to life, the universe and everything (42)…


Don’t think we were being lazy in-between parties.  There was plenty of exercise and exploration despite the blustery weather.  We had more great meals with greens on Reach the next night, ending the night with rum yet getting to bed an hour earlier each night to ease our way back to reality.

IMG_5128 IMG_5129

On Beck’s last day Robin had a truly inspired idea.  

After a beach walk with a fantastic overlook of the anchorage, we all met on Inspiration for an afternoon cocktail luncheon with cool & icy blender drinks.  

It was just the thing to do on a gorgeous day.  Here’s to good friends!!

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