Florida is for boaters.  A place where everyone enjoys time outdoors on the water.  Florida has lots of bridges.  Sometimes all right in a row.  The majority have 65 foot clearance for our 63 foot mast (with antenna) to get under, but drawbridges are the norm for the rest.  


I have to admit that we had mixed feelings about spending time cruising in Florida, having had some bad experiences with local authorities when cruising through here in the past.  Recently, there has been some attempt at legislation at the State-level to restrict anchoring for boaters due to adversarial feelings by land owners.  

Go figure ~ who wouldn’t want to wake up every morning and see views like this?  Right…  Like any issue it is complicated, but fortunately there are some very savvy boaters who are advocating for all of us.



Communities handle boating differently, so we seek those that are boater-friendly.  

The area from Ft. Pierce to Stuart is one of these.  Life on a mooring ball is working well for us right now in project-mode.  


We can get things shipped to us through the marina ~ Amazon is our friend! ~ and run errands thanks to generous friends who loan us their car (thanks Mike & Cheryl!!).  

There are only a few boats occupied in the marina in this off season.  The only downside to this location a bit inland is the brown waters promote waaay to much growth.  

Reach is right next to a navigational channel in the St. Lucie River where we can watch the parade of local boats go by every day.  There is a nice public river walk to stretch the legs and Sunday afternoon is a good time walk around town to check out the local market & free concerts in Stuart.  

Florida loves its music.  Some of it not so good... as heard on the mooring from nearby restaurants on the weekends or boats passing by...  yet the bands we’ve seen so far on Sundays were very talented.  This singer reminded me very much of a friend of mine!

Osprey’s and dolphin visit Reach each day for their morning and evening rounds.  Something (a pelican?) also “visits” our back step every night and leaves us lots of presents to spray down.  

In the evenings, we often hear bagpipes signaling the sunset from the nearby park.  Most are quite picture worthy ~ watching the sun go down NEVER gets old!

Back around the corner towards the ocean you get back into the azure blues of the inlets and beautiful beaches where the Florida coast touches near the Gulf Stream.  Steve & Connie invited us to go fishing on their Grady-White and we were extra motivated to get up at sunrise, something Connie & I rarely see….

Steve took us to his secret spots and we had so many hits all day!  Not only did we catch four fish using ballyhoos ~ two kingfish and two mahi-mahi ~ but we had a few get away and a few lures played with by a sailfish.  It was an exciting time and the lucky fish charm was strong that day.  

Florida waters are beautiful and alive.  We saw a giant sea turtle at sea.  Pulling into a crystal clear cove for lunch we watched a few manatee swim by as we cooled off.    

Thanks for the fun day amigos!!

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