Finding Fall

While there is plenty to report in our Boat Blog these days, there is not much else exciting going on in our daily lives.  Cruisers have all been here before… checking items off of THE LIST while waiting to cast off the lines.  This will be our last time with Reach in Florida for the foreseeable future, so we are trying to make the most of the resources here in the USA before leaving.  

The good news is that we usually try to concentrate all of the projects into a period of time, so that there is more time for just living out on the water.  Even though there is always something to fix every day (it is a boat, after all), the big ticket items are saved up for work-time.  Some of our list arises organically from needed maintenance (reinforcing bulkheads) and much of it is purely elective (electric flush heads) or based on personal preferences.  

As Mark tackles the work, at times I do him the best favor by staying out of the way… my job comes later to provision the boat for the next year.  For me, this usually involves lots of nature.  Bird watching turns out to be relatively barren in the month of September in Florida, aside from some year round residents like the white ibises and anhinga.  

I did have some luck with birds of prey, including a red-shouldered hawk and pair of snail kites who were out hunting, as well as a few other local critters.  I also keep hearing the resident great horned owl in the mornings at the marina, but at too dark an hour to get another photo.

When Leslie (Texas Two Step) asked if I wanted to join her on a road trip in early October, I jumped at the opportunity.  

Little did I know we’d be driving the entire East Coast from Florida to Maine!  

Leslie was looking for Autumn appreciation and so we designated this the Finding Fall trip.  

The first day out we camped in Georgia, not getting far to make time for a hike.  We are now intimately acquainted with the swamps and mosquitos of Georgia.  

The next day took us all the way to New England to visit with another Michelle for a fun couple of days in Boston and Maine.  Starting our more leisurely trip back south, we got in short but sweet visits with friends and family along the way… from Connecticut to Maryland to North Carolina.  

Not only was this our first visit to Maine, but it was my first time in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.  These mountains were even more impressive than my college views in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia of this scenic range.  We drove most of the Blue Ridge Parkway and our views consisted mainly of thick fog with the rare vista.


Waking up early for sunrise did not help the situation,  until the last morning of our road trip we persisted and woke up to this…  Totally worth it.  We watch a LOT of sunrises in our days on the water, but none like this.  I couldn’t believe the view.  


The pre-dawn sky deepens to all sorts of colors above the cloud line.  Then just when you thought it was getting bright and the views were done, the sun popped over the clouds for a spectacular show!  

This moment summed up the trip itself for Leslie & me ~ with full appreciation of our precious shared time together, rich lives and treasured friends and family.

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