Class of 1986

I’ve been pretty excited all year about our 30th Loch Raven High School reunion, thanks to the wonderful reunion committee that got us all excited and engaged early and often.  The turnout was unreal ~ there were around 120 attending the party, mostly alumni, out of our class of approximately 375 students.  

Everyone looks amazing!  It is hard to swallow the fact that it has been 30 years.  That is exactly how long it has been since most of us have seen each other, but you hardly miss a beat once you are standing face to face again.  Facebook has certainly helped!  It makes us feel like we are all still in it together, sharing new memories as the years flash by.  It certainly makes a difference in my floating life ~ to have a connection to friends and family far away.  I know that many of you feel the same wherever you end up.  How lucky are we to have such a caring group of forever friends?!

I’ll also admit to being a little excited to be able to dress up in something other than the bathing suit/cover-up look.  We literally don’t own many clothes anymore, a good thing with our simple life.   

But when the occasion calls, all it took was a trip to TJMaxx for Michele for a red dress (my color) plus cute shoes (a novelty!!!) …

...and a bargain for Mark ($25 total) at Goodwill for new pants, shirt & jacket (JA Banks & Brooks Brothers ~ tags still on), including shoes (!!!).  

Check out our cool ride!

It was surreal seeing friends dating all the way back to Elementary school (you do the math)!  Our neighborhood was classic Baltimore brick suburban row-homes, with endless alleys to play kick-the-can and endless fields to play sports.  We could run around and ride our bikes all over the place and that we did.  

Michelle lived 5 houses down from me, Bill two streets over and Christina on the other side of school.  We re-connected at the pre-reunion happy hour with Rusha, who had helped me find and connect with so many friends online when we first went sailing, and Mark who stopped by Reach in Annapolis for an early 29th reunion last summer!

The night of the reunion, the rest of the Loch Raven Elementary school crew got together for a photo op:

Along with Christina and Michelle, it was amazing seeing Karen, Cathy, Colleen and Laurel again ~ beautiful ladies inside and out.  There were lots of sleep-overs with these ladies… we missed the ones who couldn’t make it.  And to catch up with Paul, Greg, Jarod, Jim and Bill was priceless.  Although I learned this weekend that my memory kinda sucks, I believe that Jarod and a few of us went to pre-school together!!

Loch Raven Middle School was another thing all together & memories are mercifully fuzzy.  

During this visit I did get to have a few fun outings with a friend since middle school, Kristin, who didn’t make it to the reunion.  

We had also lived together for a few years after college and started our cat obsession together.  It had been over a decade since we’d seen each other and it was just like it had been only 10 minutes instead of 10+ years.  

I was also able to have a special reunion with my old boyfriend Tom from this time period.  He was such a huge part of my life and people like this make up who you are in a fundamental way.  It is amazing to share the happiness of life with people you will always care about.

The Reunion itself was awesome!  Found myself saying awesome a lot that night ...ugh, it was the 80’s after all…  You could only wish to have more time to spend with everyone.  It was a lot to take in!  It’s interesting and funny how different people remember and retain certain things about you and vice versa.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who felt like she had “CRAFT" disease.  

Cris and I got a kick out our yearbook photos.  

We met in high school (freshman English class??), have stayed in touch and share many memories together over the last 30 years.  

I don’t think a year has gone by that we haven’t had our own personal reunion!

Besides sharing memories, the best part was getting to know people all over again.  You find new things in common with friends that you might not have spent as much time with way back then.  You share common perspectives about the good in the world.  You respect each other in what you’ve had to overcome to make it this far.  It can be truly humbling.  Love you all ~ Go Raiders!

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