New outboard

Guatemala's Rio Dulce has been a convenient place to spend hurricane season in the NW Caribbean.  Although we find it difficult to have restricted mobility due to insurance limits this time of year, we're making the best of the time with land travel and boat upgrades.  More shopping, but on a bigger scale!

Years of research led Mark to finally choose the Suzuki 20hp 4-stroke outboard for our new dinghy engine...  oooh, shiny.  We upgraded to 20hp because we have quite a heavy dinghy ~ an old 12' Alliance rigid inflatable bottom (RIB) with a double floor.  The 15hp engine pushed it along fine with two of us, but had trouble planing with 3 or more people. 

As with our Honda, we like the 4-stroke for gas-efficient use without an oil mix needed.  The Suzuki offers the only fuel-injected 4-stroke version in its class (<40 hp, no carb) and is a bit of an unknown in terms of reliability & repairability.  Yet Mark already read the service manual before we even got the engine, so I'm pretty confident it's in good hands.


The Honda also spoiled us with an electric start, which we love not just for the push-button start but for the charging/battery set-up that allows us to install a bilge pump in the well of our dinghy.  No problems with dripping wetsuits or rainy season, our dinghy always stays dry.

That faithful engine is now in good hands as well and will be used on a launcha in the Rio that can use the battery for running lights at night.  

The fun we've had thanks to that Honda overrode its sometimes stubborn nature and will be missed for its loyal service over 10 years of heavy use in our hands.

Ready for a ride?!

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