Design phase

There are few other places where we would consider taking on a large project for the boat.  Mark had been observing the glasswork and resources in the Rio Dulce and had a brilliant idea.  The skilled workforce and materials, including nidacore are all available...  Why not here?!

We've been contemplating stern extensions for Reach for years now.  The fact is, we are a heavy boat.  

*When we left to go cruising we left nothing in storage.  Everything we own is on-board.  

*When fuel and water tanks are full with dinghy plus outboard lifted on the davits, the back steps are underwater.  

*When underway the immersed sterns create a lot of drag.  Prop use poops the sterns even more.  

*When at anchor the steps grow their own grass.  The worst case scenario was realized as we sat even lower in fresh water at the dock for the last six months (ugh).

So, how do we turn our Manta 40 into a Manta 42?  Mark has been researching and planning for this in his head for a decade now... hence, the inspiration behind this old picture of Reach & Exodus in Stonington, CT.

After plenty of renewed discussion and measurements ~ 

how many feet to add?  

should we redesign the steps too?  

last step at what height above the waterline? 

~ an idea becomes a design.

An illustration was a good start to draft several layers of rough design ideas.  

Following a discussion with the yard foreman (in Spanish with translation needed), 

Mark had a great idea to build a cardboard model to show his thinking for the build - 

scaled down, of course (cute!!).

It also helps that we are now in a yard with a Manta 38, 40 and 42 on the hard so that we can compare measurements. 

We're going for it!

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