Boaty things

Several projects have been crossed off the list over the last few months, but first things first ~ Mark made sure Reach didn't sink!  He found this corroded brass fitting on the raw water intake of the port engine.  

There was a little water weeping in this area, so he shut the thruhull down to check it out and the fitting disintegrated in his hands.  

Good detective work, wouldn't want that 3/4" hole to spring an ocean leak unexpectedly - crap! 

Next, the interior cabintop window trim was replaced.  The textured vinyl had gotten dirty and then mold intrusion over the years made it impossible to clean.  


Mark found the exact style and fit of our original trim and we included this in one of our shipments from the States.  

It was then easy to remove the old one and replace the new trim with a good, tight fit.

Amazing how this little detail freshens the interior look and is probably now one of the nicest features in the cabin instead of the ugliest.

Another bit of cargo we brought back with us was the brait we found in Annapolis for new bridles.  Our old ones were about 5 years old and held up quite well under constant anchoring, but had started to lose their stretchiness.  

Brait 8-strand rope is fantastic, especially for bridle use.  

Besides the fact that it stows very easily and is compact, it has more stretch than 3-strand making for a comfortable ride and minimal motion at anchor.

The only trick to 8-strand is making the eye-splices, one for each end of our two bridles.  Two ends are cow-hitched to either bow and two are specialized around thimbles that attach to the chain hooks.  Mark got into the groove and whipped these out one evening, yet I'm sure he still can't touch Dave and his splicing expertise!

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