Too much fun!

Our first week back in the States was jam-packed on this fun cruiser-coast.  We rafted up at the already crowded Vero Beach City Marina next to new friends on Makana (we both look small next to Dyad).  In a fortunate turn of events, in our search for a protected dock on which to leave Reach, we secured one of two docks here that fit catamarans for the hurricane season.  Retrieving the Golden Bullet and getting sucked back into civilization, we visited a new brew pub, farmer’s market, music festival, museum and amusement park all in the first week!  

Clark & Michelle were back home on Roam, so we could start planning for our upcoming trip in May with them.  We will join them onboard their Nordhavn 47 to cross to Bermuda to watch the America’s Cup Races, and then on to Halifax.  This will be our first passage on a trawler and we learned that we’ll be crossing the Atlantic with a Nordhavn rally, so new experiences all around.  We met Clayton & Deanna (Tivoli) who will also take their Nordhavn to Bermuda and Halifax.

Dave & Leslie were also in Ft. Pierce for a couple of weeks, with Texas Two Step safe in the Bahamas.  The whole crew got together over the next two Saturdays to take in local festivals, music-fest one weekend… oyster-fest the next.  The weather, food and atmosphere was very... festive.

We even got in a harbor tour on Roam to enjoy the beautiful day.  We all know that when your boat is your home, sometimes isn’t as easy to take a spontaneous cruise (or maybe it’s just us).  Clark & Michelle made it look effortless and got us in and out of the tight slip (along with high wind and ripping currents) for a day trip.  

We know we’re in good hands and get the bonus of two cute doggies who travel with us.

During the week, Michelle, Leslie and I took a trip to the Salvador Dalí museum in St. Petersburg, which also had a temporary Frida Kahlo exhibit.  

This was in a new building than the one I’d been to 15 years ago, when I was on a Dalí kick… he is such a talent from an early age being able to reproduce any artistic genre… before he created his own (Surrealism).   

His “Lincoln in Dalivision” 128-pixel painting concept is entertaining.

The figure of Gala is prominent, yet take a look at it from far away or a small screen to see Abraham Lincoln.

You can stand in front of a work all day and still not catch all of the hidden images (bull's eye fly... dalmation…).

They had a virtual reality exhibit that was fun to check out, a 360˚ rendering of Dalí’s work with his iconic imagery hidden about the landscape.

Frida was such a strong presence, despite her physical sufferings most of her life after a bus accident at a young age.  

She underwent 34 surgeries in her short, 47 year old life that must have been spent in unimaginable pain.  

Despite, or perhaps because of her circumstances, her vitality and beauty is dominant.

We dragged the guys out for a day riding roller coasters at Busch Gardens the next day.  

The park was not crowded at all so we could re-ride each ride several times.  

It was a perfect distraction from boat-projects for a day!


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