The road home

Our home is still floating.  The early forecast had hurricane Irma bearing down on east central Florida for a direct Cat 4/5 hit.  We were 1000 miles away and booked flights early to prepare for the worst.   This was a good call.  We had extra time to deal with some issues after leaving for the longest period we’ve ever stored her since moving aboard (more on that here).  

Moving off the docks and securing her onto a mooring, in the back our minds we whispered a goodbye to Reach.  We were very fortunate.  A change in hurricane track spared us a direct hit.  Those in Irma’s path experienced a horrible outcome and many friends and locals in the extended sailing community have lost their homes, floating and on land.  It is heartbreaking, but we know these people are strong and will find a path forward.

The road back to Reach took us from Nova Scotia, saying farewell to Clark and Michelle on a rainy day, to Michigan and Maryland for quality time with family.  

Every time we return to Flint there are bright spots, new and old, as the city continues to reinvent itself.  In its heyday, from carriages to cars, the population of around six-hundred thousand people was ten times more than it is today.  There are still signs of struggle, but the general trajectory is slowly upward.



New restaurants are forming to support the growing college and professional populations in downtown and we enjoyed experimenting with these.

The infamous Flint river is also under construction.  No longer the [contaminated] water source for the city, they are dredging the river for a clean-up and hopefully will restore the surrounding park as a public area.


Michigan is leading the way in craft beers and we found ourselves seeking out local dive bars in small farm towns to enjoy them in local settings... after some blueberry picking.  

In one rural town, the bar was one of only four buildings in the “downtown”, which consisted of a biker club, firehouse, market and bar.

We had a wonderful time visiting with family and with fortunate timing were able to attend a beautiful wedding that brought everyone together.  



During our first night in Maryland, we headed straight for steamed crabs at our old neighborhood haunt.  Tastes like home.  

Notwithstanding all of the reef crab and lobster we catch, nothing can beat the sweet meat of the blue crab.   

The end of summer flew by, as another year passed.  We each age in our own due time.  Kids riding bikes without training wheels for the first time.  Teens entering high school… first jobs... driving…!  Dogs (& humans) getting gray?!  

Maryland in August is our favorite time.  It is nice and warm, just like we’re used to.  Perfect for daily dog walks in the woods, occasionally with camera & no dogs who scare the birds away.  

P1260462 P1260481


These visits are always a great time for reunions with friends that go waaaay back for each of us ( know who you are!).  So happy to have these people in our lives.  It does not escape our awareness how fortunate we are to have such unencumbered time to spend with loved ones.  Over recent years we’ve developed a different sense of time... not planned, scheduled or rushed… just enjoying each day for what it is, being ready and available when opportunities present themselves, and living in the present.  

When the hurricane forecast was starting to get personal, we did not hesitate to book a new flight out early to give ourselves time to keep Reach safe.  Option #1 was a haulout, but a few phone calls confirmed that local boatyards that had no space left to haul us.  Option #2 was a mooring, to avoid Option #3 of riding out a storm surge on a fixed dock.

The well-protected mooring field proved a good choice and all boats here made it through unscathed.  


Home sweet home...

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