The Friends & Family Tour

This summer we spent a lovely combination of travel and quality time with friends and family.  It’s amazing how land-life sucks you right back in.  We lose track of time in a different way than on the ocean… instead of time slowing down and letting each day evolve, days are now flying by with interactions short, but sweet.

For these summer months, we found a great location for Reach in Brunswick Georgia.  This is a popular cruiser’s marina for hurricane season, safely tucked inland up a river.  The open keg of beer on tap 24/7, gratis beer & wine at happy hours and free laundry doesn’t hurt either!  

In fact, we jumped over the Florida/Georgia border this summer due to insurance reasons, where our current insurer (Pantaenius) would not cover boats in the water in Florida after the devastating hurricane season last year. 

Next, we went on a friends & family tour for the summer...

Michigan:  Beautiful weather and a fun-filled time catching up with the Cole family!  We had bonus visits with friends Tom & Suzanne, and plus a detour to see Laurence & Tom in Ann Arbor.  Bar-hopping, blueberries and burgers were all highlights of our visit.

Virginia detour:  Quick stop at Cindy’s house (college roommate) on our drive to MD.  We managed to scheme several visits in this summer!

Maryland:  Birthday celebrations, lovely temperatures and cooking with the kids… dog walks, crabs and mushroom foraging dominated our time here.  Regular visits with Cris was a given ~ plus it was fun to connect with her & Beck, since they’ve each come to stay with us on Reach.


California:  Picked up right where we left off with Lizz and Charlie (Kaya) four years earlier over an event-filled week in Sausalito… think great food, music, hikes & WINE!

Back in Maryland:  We were lucky enough to have friends visit us while in the Mid-Atlantic, Cindy (again) and Dave & Judi (Echo), cruising buddies from the very beginning.  Cards and crab fixes were on the table!

Europe/Florida:  Our last stop was a return to Florida to see Mom Cathy.  She’d planned a trip to Central Europe in September with her daughters.  It was soon evident that she was too ill to go and she graciously invited Michele to go in her place.  She saw us safely arrive at our destination to toast her, while Mark stayed with her in Florida.  She passed away all too soon, peacefully in her home with loved ones.  It was a heart-wrenching time for all.  Rest easy, Mom.

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