Where do the days go?  It is amazing how quickly you tune into the rhythm of each day when anchored out in remote places.  There never seems to be enough time to do everything that you set out to do each morning.  Maybe that’s because we’re approaching the shortest days of the year and the dark comes so early now.

Our first weeks back in the Jumentos we’ve experienced everything we could have wanted… great underwater time, crystal clear waters, reunions with good friends, meeting new friends, beach walks, beautiful sunsets AND a green flash!!


Besides being predominately windy this time of year, the days are a perfect temperature in the low 80’s.  Still bikini weather ~ sunny enough to require sun protection and hot enough to work up a sweat on a beach hike.  



You never know what you might find on a beach walk among all of the detritus along the tide lines, a great way to stretch your legs and catch up with friends.


For me beach walks morph into camera walks…

I still occasionally find a treasure or two that is a keeper, like some nickernuts and this bright red purse bean.  

Oh, and this fishing float will be reused by our fisherman friends.

Every few days when the wind reduces we head underwater; temperature around 75˚F, tolerable in a wetsuit.  

Our seafood diets are now back in balance with conch, lobster and fish burgers, fish tacos and sashimi.

Our neighbors Bill and Mara (Puddlejumper) had the inspired idea to have a winter solstice bonfire on the beach.  There is something about watching a fire…  Yay for longer days!  This might have to become a new tradition.

It is time to shed all of the invisible stress that built up from a summer full of boat work and being stateside for a fall election season.  

We’ll be thinking about our families and friends enjoying their holidays, while we are content to spend the Christmas and ring in the New Year on Reach.

!… Must… Bake… Cookies...!

© M&M 2016