Scenic new year

There have been anywhere from three to five boats here in the Jumentos Cays during the last month we’ve been here.  It’s been a peaceful time to explore the islands and share the holidays with new friends.  Christmas dinner was memorable on Puddlejumper… and New Year’s Eve, even more so.  We practiced staying up waaay past our bedtimes with them on several occasions to build up to midnight!

It has been a decent stretch of weather (until now) to explore isolated islands that rarely see human footprints.  The natural scenery is rugged, breathtaking, divergent and multi-layered... from azure bays to craggy coastlines to mangrove-lined salt ponds to serene ocean pools.

Panoramas help to capture the vastness of this natural beauty...


Windward side beaches & barrier reef


Inland salt pond teaming with bird life


Natural ocean pool through a cut in the rocks

On closer inspection, for those of you who haven’t experienced it, this is also the reality of untouched beaches...

The buildup of plastic is a stark reminder of where all of the excessive commercial products and packaging ends up.  

Out here you gain a direct understanding of how much trash the world generates and try to find new ways to minimize it in your world.

Amongst the debris, there are treasures to be found.  You might run across shells or sea beans to add to the collection, fishing floats or other items that can either be reused or re-purposed.  Bill & Mara have found beautiful glass fishing floats that are originally Portuguese and are rare collectables.  

Water access was good, so that means the underwater photography, fishing & eating (this particular conch got a reprieve) has been good.  You can’t help but have a much better appreciation of where food comes from all around when living out in nature.

After a typical day snorkeling, we relax over drinks and music, always sure to get on deck to watch the sunset.  

The unobstructed westerly view in the Bahamas does offer up a lot of brilliant sunsets, including plenty of green flashes.

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