Repeat visitor

Cousin Kelly flew in to spend a week with us in the Bahamas, two years after her first visit on Reach in the San Blas.  The only thing that kept her from coming sooner was a torn ACL followed by knee surgery in the intervening year.  It was nice to pick up where we left off and explore things together.  Apparently, a love of travel and nature is in our DNA.  Little did she know that while flying over the lovely Exumas one of her airplane photos was of Reach at anchor in Barraterre.

IMG_9092 IMG_9093

Yes… those blues are real!!!

Since we rented a car to pick her up, our first stop was at the Peace ’n Plenty bar for a bacon cheeseburger and view of Elizabeth Harbor with John & Barbara (Sam the Skull).  On the way back to the anchorage we took the opportunity to re-stock on groceries and rum.

Life aboard a boat suits Kelly just fine.  Not everyone can relax into the limited space, go where the wind takes you and lose track of time without a schedule.  We squeezed in a lot of fun sights and still the week seemed to fly by too quickly.  


Most of the week was nice and calm weather (finally!), perfect for snorkeling even on the ocean side of the islands.  We found some very nice elkhorn coral reefs to check out and enjoy the colorful fish and cute blennies.  


Mark caught an 8 lb hogfish within seconds of dropping in before Kelly and I had even gotten wet.  

We enjoyed fish dinners throughout the week~ moqueca, fish tacos, fish burgers… Mmmmm.

Our next stop contained a cool cave to walk around in low tide and an underwater sculpture that we were able to dive on at high, slack tide.  

This piano and mermaid is a stainless steel sculpture at about 20’ depth at high tide.  Slack tide didn’t seem to last long since the current rips through here.

The water was crystal clear and it was a very fun and energetic excuse for a morning snorkel.

Mark did his best Tom & Jerry impersonation!

A dinghy ride out to a nearby Cay had wild iguanas living there.  They looked both sunburned and well fed from the tourist boats that frequent here and were probably disappointed in us cruisers.  One of them left a present for Mark.

Thanks to Kelly’s dedication to physical therapy and knee brace, we could get in plenty of hiking.  Lee Stocking Island has the best hikes for vistas, bush-wacking, beach combing and climbing.  

A few panoramas paint the overall picture.  There is nothing like the Bahama blues!





As before, Kelly turned her eye to nature’s patterns and managed to capture color, light and symmetry with enviable ease.   

She really has a talent for composition… 


...and sometimes designs a custom view of her own.

We also got in some yoga and art projects, making sea bean and sea glass necklaces, and Kelly designed and painted a piece of driftwood from the fish that we encountered on our snorkels.  

On our last beach walk we hit the jackpot with a treasure trove of sea glass.

Throughout the week, we ran into a few friends including Silke, Rolf and Kaye (Second Chance 42) and Jennifer and Royce (Cerca Trova), also with visitors who happened to be on the same flights as Kelly all the way back to Boston.

Watching the sunset was a top pastime of the week.  

This charter boat almost blocked out our view, but thankfully moved just enough to make for a pretty perspective to watch the green flash!

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