Reef access

To swim on the outer reefs in the San Blas this summer season has been a bit more challenging than usual.  The calm winds and seas just haven't arrived in this strange weather-year.  So, reef access is a relative thing for us recently, where today is less rough than the day before and we have to decide if it's an inside or outside the reef day.


Where's Marco?

Mark likes to go outside the reef to his favorite fishing spots, while Michele might swim off of Reach to nearby coral heads in the cut.  Even on a swimmable day, the currents still may be ripping at several knots to give us a serious workout.  

Sometimes when it's questionable out we go together, even though fishing grounds don't make the best picture-taking venues and vice versa.  The reefs surrounding the "Pool" anchorage are various and abundant, which must be why we stayed there for six weeks (a new record?!).

Those rough seas make fishing and photography each more of a challenge due to swells and visibility, respectively.  Despite that, Mark was still able to bring home dinner, including a tasty hogfish and grande permit!  

Meanwhile, Michele snapped pictures of a few new critters and blennies to identify.

Sharpnose pufferfish

Florida wormsnails

Redlip blenny - gray variation

Puffcheek blenny

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