T-minus 36 hours and we are off to Bermuda.  We each have to-do lists.  Things get checked off of the list.  Other things break, so they are added to the list so they can be crossed off.  With a day to spare, we are ready!

One of the big ticket items was getting fueled up for the trip.  Roam carries 1600 gallons of diesel fuel!  A truck to the dock with a veeery long hose does the trick.  Tivoli took on fuel on the same day.

On the way over to Viking boatyard Roam’s bow thruster stopped working.  A quick dive on the props and internal diagnosis revealed that the coupler to the shaft of the motor to prop was broken.  Five spare couplers were found in the bow thruster spares kit, so we suspect this might have happened a few times in the past!

Clark dove into the hold to replace the spare part.  With Roam all fixed-up and full of fuel, he deserved the last shot of rum in the Diplomatico bottle.  Despite the early hour, it was already a successful day!

Mark has been helping whittle down the list by knocking off a few projects.  Another charger was installed and a few tweaks have been made to the compass' location to avoid magnetic deviations onboard.

Michelle and I are having a great time cooking together.  We have been eating well!  

Yet we learned from our shakedown trip that overnight trips are not as conducive to intricate galley time.  

We have come up with a few pre-made and one-pot meals to make for the upcoming passage ~ pasta, chili, lasagne, pot pies and beef stew.  Canned goods, cereals, tortillas, rice, pasta and snack items all stow nicely under the settees.  Next, we spent a day provisioning for meats and frozen items to stock up the freezer.  Think pork chops, steaks, chicken and ribs… and bacon!

As we got closer to departure day, our shopping list was complete after purchasing all of the fresh foods we wanted to carry.  Fruits and veggies last a good amount of time and we’re counting on green bags to help delay the ripening process.  Some foods can be left out in baskets, some made it into the fridge and the rest are staying in a Yeti cooler with an ice pack as a crisper.

We also did an alcohol inventory and repacked the bar for the passage.  We brought the gin & tonic… Michelle has plenty of tequila for margaritas... and I did get a peek at Clark’s impressive rum collection!  

The doggies got their haircuts (as Mark & I did before moving onboard) and vet appointments required for Bermuda.  

They don’t enjoy passages too much, but they have learned to do their business on turf at the stern so they don’t have to hold it for 5-6 days!

An important part of trip planning is watching the weather forecast.  For a trawler, we’re not interested in wind and would just as soon prefer none.  That would help to keep the waves down. 

There are two route options panning out based on various weather models.  

It looks like the best bet will be a northern route starting with the Gulf Stream to take advantage of the current for a while and then heading east into very mild winds to Bermuda.

The last item on the list was to fix the Satellite Direct TV dish that was not working for the past several weeks.  It was under warranty but a crane had to be rented to reach the dome on the mast.  After weeks of trouble shooting, a new controller finally did the trick.  This effort was totally worth it though… now we get to watch the San Antonio Spurs games from the middle of the Atlantic!!


While Clark was in the bosun’s chair, we saw a huge J-boat cruising by near Peanut Island at the Palm Beach inlet.  Mark looked it up on AIS and we saw that it was the 141 ft Hanuman.  A little further research confirmed our suspicion that Hanuman is in the Superyacht Regatta at the America’s Cup in Bermuda and will be competing against our friends on the new J-Class yacht Svea.  They will probably beat us there!

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