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After many years of living and traveling by boat, we get to meet all types of people.  There is so much humanity to experience out there in the world.   Upon reflection, this is a microcosm of real life anywhere.

Reflection is a dangerous thing...   It led to this list of descriptions of personality types that you all might recognize, whether cruising or not!  

Don't be fooled into thinking they describe someone specific.  These are composite caricatures of more than one encounter that we "might" have had along the way.  Tongue firmly in cheek!


The Socialite ~ These friendly people are the first to welcome you to a new location with your itinerary for the month in-hand.  When you meet, they may seem surprised that you haven't been on their radar screen and are very relieved when they finally "discover" that you exist.

The Save-the-World ~ These people do more to improve their current environment in one hour than you have done in your whole life.  They are driven and effective in helping those things they care about... whether it needs help or not.

The Blow-hard ~ These types are always bellowing at volume about what and who they know, so you too will be sure to know what and who they know.  Not to be confused with the "Pedigree" folks who list their accomplishments for you at first meeting so you're aware of just who you're dealing with.

The Drunk ~ Okay, these folks are easy to recognize.  Slurring is difficult to translate whether in Spanish, English, French, German... etc , plus they usually have a beer in hand at the 8 AM swap meet.  

The Techie Know-it-All ~  These guys are human encyclopedias.  No question is out of their range and they are great to have around when you need them, you'd just better be ready for a little eye-glazing. 

The Nanny ~ These are the kind souls who keep us alive despite ourselves.  They will tell you all of the precautions you must take at every turn of your life to ensure that you follow all of their rules.  It's a wonder we've made it this far without them.

The Militant Official ~ Whatever you do... do not piss these authorities off.  No zarpe from your previous port?!  Port-of-call different than on zarpe?!  Interrupting with banal chatter?!  Arriving during lunch break/weekend?!  Yellow-flag not raised?!  Deference is recommended.

The Former Medical Professional ~ These guys are always floating on their boat nearby and it's a good thing.  These doctors and nurses will help you self-diagnose like you've never done before, rendering medical care abroad totally viable.

The Horny Young Dude ~ There are always a few young solo sailors out to see the world [read: get laid].  You might also recognize them as the "Feed Me" guy when they visit each day at lunch time for a sandwich.

The Multi-hull Hater ~ This subset of mono-hull owners have stories and numerous examples of tragic multi-hull events that have happened to their friends, which they will share as soon as they learn that you sail a catamaran.  Doesn't it make you wonder why there are no mono-hull haters?!

The Yoga Guru/Massage Therapist ~ What, with all of the stress in our lives afloat, thank goodness these people exist in every corner of the seas to keep us happy and healthy.  No location is too sandy, windy, rainy or bug-ridden to prevent deep meditation.

The Radio-Police ~ These people love to impose their etiquette onto the unclean masses who use the radio for communication.  Your rig had better be up to their standards or they'll come over and re-wire it for you.  Roger that!

The Dinghy Saviors ~ Any time a person finds themselves in a dangerous situation, these saviors will arrive in their dinghies just in time to save the day.  They can move anything with their outboard engines or even turn a boat in circles if they all push on opposite sides.  Seriously.  These guys are amazing to have around and should be thanked profusely.

**If you've read this far, you have qualified for a special bonus feature.


The Naked German ~ Bring your friends and family, the more the better!  All naked all day for beach walks, boat projects and more.  

The Friendly Texan ~ We all know Texas is a big country, but there sure are a lot of sailors flying that big Texas flag!

The Flush American ~ Why not travel with every convenience imaginable to bring a little comfort to our lives however remotely we venture?

The Insouciant French ~ What, us worry??!

The Categorical Canadian ~ If you need to know something, dinghy on over to your Candian neighbors and they'll have lists of information on any topic at their fingertips to share.

Please enjoy this small window into our world, all in good humor of course.  We resemble more than a few of these...

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