The past weeks with friends on Kaya, Infinity and Bettie have been full of fun.  We spent many evenings together, including playing guitar and sushi night, but we truly outdid ourselves over Thanksgiving dinner.  The fishing had been a little dry lately (for some), so Reach had to reach deep into the freezer for pork ribs!

Vlad, our local rib expert, whipped up an amazing dry rub complete with herbs de Provence and helped grill two racks to perfection!  Along with the grilled chicken (almost turkey!), vegetables, potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie with whipped cream, we had an amazing protein-rich feast.  The next day was Michele's birthday and Lizz & Charlie treated her to the tastiest steak on the grill that she'll be dreaming of for years to come...  Who needs fish?!

When the winds are up and the fish harder to find, what better time to be a kite-boarder?  Mark continues to play with the trainer kite in preparation for the next step, the body-drag, while Charlie, Frank & Gretchen perfect their latest tricks.

Few weather conditions can stop Lizz & Michele from getting in the water - not even Michele's Panasonic TS3 camera breaking (again!!).  Eagle-eye Lizz spotted two unique shrimp under the same rock on multiple snorkels, just a bit too late for the shrimp blog...  

First, she spotted a berried Peterson shrimp, only the third sighting of this type I've seen in two years here.  Little did we know at the time that another shrimp was hiding in this same corkscrew anemone - a red snapping shrimp & a first time discovery!  On retrospect, one can see the banded antenna of this shrimp behind the Peterson.  

After my Panasonic TS3 died after less than 3 months of constant usage, a warranty replacement is on the way for what will be my third camera to put to its test.  Fortunately, the super rugged, 3 year old Olympus Stylus Tough is available from Lizz to borrow (thx) so I could get a shot at the red snapping shrimp ... and won't suffer from underwater photography withdrawal.

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