Duncan Town

After getting a direct hit by hurricane Irma with 200+ mph winds in September 2017, Ragged Islanders are back to rebuild.  There are around 15 people living on the island now with more coming back.  

As of the new year, their biggest challenge is water.  The residents are using the well, just like the old days before reverse osmosis supplies (temporary one still not working).  Those whom we’ve seen welcome us warmly and are in good spirits ~not to mention kind, generous and independent.  

Yet there are signs of rebuilding ~ new roofs getting started, cinderblocks alluding to new structures.  Not much will get done until the water problem is solved ~ you can’t mix cement without it.  A government contingent arrived the afternoon of our visit and we hope that their plans for a new RO plant are realized soon.

Here are a few more photos from a walk through Duncan Town, in addition to the ones posted here.  We aren't sure whether certain buildings were occupied before the hurricane… but now it can be hard to tell the difference.    

P1090277 P1090303


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