America’s Cup 2017

The past month has been full of nonstop action leading to the America’s Cup match.  Every race day has been spent on the Great Sound doing the anchor dance to get the best views at the windward mark.  Something our captain is very good at doing.  


The front-row venue on the water was just spectacular… and always a little extra crowded on weekends.

The final races were held on consecutive weekends with a week “off” in-between.  Something it turns out was much needed for Oracle Team USA after their punishing losses in the first two races…

The winds were light, 6-8 knots that first weekend.  The AC50 boats need to be up on foils to make real speed gains where they go 3-4 times the wind speed!  One plop into the water is all it takes to give up the lead or the race.  Trust us, after getting hooked on all of the action, that is painfully slow to watch.  Oracle obviously struggled in the lighter winds.

Roam had friends Tom & Diane come to visit for the finals, so Mark and I were invited to stay on Tivoli to avoid over-crowding.  It was so nice of Clayton & Deanna to host us and we enjoyed the chance to get to know them better too.  


We all had fun enjoying Bermuda’s sights on non-race days, including a trip to the Aquarium/Zoo and Bermuda Underwater Exploration museum.  

The small size of these venues were fitting for the island and contained several excellent exhibits.  

Some of our favorites were the Australasia and Madagascar zoo areas, the America’s Cup technology zone and an amazing worldwide shell exhibit (I could have spend hours in here!).

After playing tourist during the week, we rallied for the final weekend of racing.  Oracle came back with a much faster boat after dropping 100 kilos of weight.  That was not enough in the end.  They did win one flawless race.  However, small mistakes continued to add up and the perfection and strength of the Kiwi team was on in full force.  

Emirates Team New Zealand foiled their way to victory winning eight races to take the Cup!  Their fast tacks and jibes were amazing to watch.  

They showed quiet persistence under pressure even as they made rare mistakes ~ recovering easily as their rudder left the water or they went down on their hulls.

Their boat was fast in all conditions.  They sailed better angles and had to cover less ground to round the course.  They used cycle power to control the boat with endless endurance.  They spread the controls of foils and wing out between Blair Tuke and Glenn Ashby so that Peter Burling could focus on being the helmsman.  They innovated and the better boat and team won.  

Even Jimmy Spithill and his team knew it in the end.  

As Larry Ellison told him after the race… "you won two of the last three”.  

Every team has lots to be proud of ~ we admired them all…  France’s tenacity with a smile… Japan’s calm demeanor in adversities... Sweden’s raw speed and emotion…  Britain's fight and grit…  USA's polished insight... and New Zealand’s casual dominance.

This was a once in a lifetime experience and we wouldn’t be here without Clark & Michelle inviting us onto Roam.  They have opened up their home to us and are such thoughtful and giving friends.

© M&M 2016