A Wedding Story

Escaping from a cold winter in New York, Doug & Erin decided to visit friends Charlie & Lizz on s/v Kaya for a vacation in the San Blas.  The winds are steady this time of year in the high teens to lower twenty knots, perfect weather for kite-boarding and learning new tricks.  The couple met each other kiting ~ which is also how Doug met Charlie ~ and the rest is history.  

Interestingly, another activity came to mind for their vacation.  Before arriving, Doug & Erin had the inspiration to look into the possibility of a wedding in paradise.  Kaya asked around and another boater friend, Denny (Kokomo), happened to be a justice of the peace with a full marriage kit, so we participated in a lovely San Blas wedding on the island of Yansaladup!  

We invited the resident Kuna family to join us and they were the spectators for a change, watching our "native Western ritual".  

Denny & Becky (Kokomo) led and filmed the ceremony, Charlie & Lizz (Kaya) gave readings, Larry (Rocinante) played guitar and the rest of us were the photographers.

The setting was absolutely beautiful, sun lowering over the palm trees, reflecting a spectrum of ocean hues from sandy shallows to deep blue waters.  

The alter was decorated with kite-boards (& a hidden visitor!!) and the rings were hand-made by Prado, a master-mola maker.  

The bride and groom were radiating and we were all touched by their love for each other.

The evening ended with a champagne toast followed by dinner over a table that the Kuna family made just for us.  Erin is a sommelier and impressed even the Kunas with her machete skills as she chopped off the entire bottle top with a well-placed slice - WOW.  

Here's to a lifetime of happiness to Doug & Erin!  

© M&M 2016