A new year

Another year goes by…  It is hard to believe that it is 2016 and we are in our 8th year living and cruising on Reach.  Owning her for 12 years now, we feel very fortunate to have such a comfortable, strong boat.  We love our simple life.  One where days fill up with the daily chores of living off the grid.  Being self-sufficient is a liberating means of existence, always balanced with the tension of the constant challenges of the sea.  

Christmas decorations were added to remind us that it was the holidays, complete with a sea glass Christmas tree.  We take good care of each other… Reach is our home.

Winter has been windy here so far in the southern Bahamas.  We spent several weeks in Hog Cay, which offered good protection from the blow.  Beach walks were still possible with a bit of exfoliation from the spray of sea and sand.  These are good days to get some exercise and take in the natural beauty of these islands.

The leeward side beach has a strong palapa, which contains signs from many cruisers and is a good spot for an afternoon beer to watch the sunset.

When there is any sign of a slight weather break, we jump in the water to fish and take pictures, respectively.  The lobsters are back since the fishing boats have left and it’s easy to come across the big ones on a regular basis… only in the Bahamas!  Yes, we are eating a lot of lobster.

With only four boats in the anchorage we planned a Christmas feast on Reach with Sam the Skull, Countess Cosel and Persephone.  

The food was excellent and the desserts (plural) with rum from the Dominican Republic even better!  

For New Year’s Eve we strategically celebrated the UK New Year at 7 PM EST and enjoyed a great dinner and view from Countess Cosel.  Happy 2016 to all of our family & friends who we miss dearly!

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