The List

Being back in Florida for two months following our summer travels has allowed us to get quite a lot accomplished.  It helps that Reach is still on a dock in Vero Beach and we still have a car.  Some are smaller projects ~ quality of boat/life improvements ~ and a few important ones ~ structural, existential.  Two biggies are still pending.

We had hoped to be on our way by now, but we know better than to have a schedule.  We also know to expect the unexpected, so a damaged shipment (refrigerator plate) and a missed shipment (dinghy) have us waiting.  It looks like we’ll be spending our last Thanksgiving in the States for a while and for that we’re thankful.  

Then we have a boat to provision…  a car to sell…  and we’re southbound.  This year’s LIST is another good mix of things that keep Reach running and her crew happy.


System upgrades

  1. Windlass motor upgrade (1000W to 1200W)
  2. Bigger backing plates for windlass
  3. Electric flush toilets (x2)
  4. Upgrade watermaker boost pump
  5. New solar circuit breakers
  6. Get rid of shower sump - convert to continuous flow gray water pump
  7. Upgrade Furuno chartplotter harddrive to solid state
  8. Add second bow roller
  9. Increase size blower for generator
  10. Upgrade compass
  11. New dinghy


repairs & Maintenance

  1. Replumb air cond. compressor to different through hull 
  2. Barnacle buster through air cond. water cooling lines
  3. Re-sew shades with track on new hardtop
  4. Reseal fridge/freezer lids
  5. Rebuild fridge/freezer divider
  6. Replace leaking evporator plate for fridge/freezer
  7. Replace Port engine front crankshaft seal
  8. Re-caulk port head & shower
  9. Re-seal solar vent 
  10. Engine oil changes (x3)
  11. Remove & clean exhaust manifold/heat exchanger on generator
  12. Service winch


Furuno chartplotter guts

Installing shower pump

Cutting windlass backing plate… makeshift work bench

Rewiring new watermaker boost pump

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