Home stretch

Things are coming together with our refit, following a lightning strike.  After a flurry of activity Mark soon had the boat rewired for navigational instruments and other replacements.  A new autopilot and alternator/regulator were installed.  The mast was completely rewired and new masthead instruments tested.





Then we entered into no-man's land.  That place where all of the niggly details pile-up and things don't work perfectly right away.  Those are long, tough days... for example, coming to the realization that our new inverter/charger was a lemon.  The Victron came from the factory in damaged condition, so we informed our supplier right away, yet Mark still spent many days troubleshooting it until he finally realized that it had to be sent back.  Everyone came through for us and we now have a new inverter/charger working flawlessly.  


Time continued to pass.  Mark was now fixing that broken hatch that's been out of commission for a year with a new hinge.  Next, our new solar controller readout shows up on our computers so we can monitor and graph our panel efficiency.    The next thing I know, Mark is playing guitar.  Wait?!  Does that mean life is almost back to normal?

The replacement Victron and a masthead mount arrived two days ago.  These were the last things needed to: (1) have boat power and (2) put our mast back on!  Now we're ready for the crane to re-step our mast and Reach will be whole again.

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