A bit of work

Living on a boat takes plenty of effort to keep things running smoothly.  Preventative maintenance is always a good idea, like replacing things with a lifespan before it fails whenever possible (& before it rains!). 

For example, Infinity recently replaced their standing rigging.  After successfully getting a shipment into Panama, the weather gods favored them over a few calm days at anchor to swap out the stays one at a time.  

 Those stubborn bolts were no match for a propane torch (!) and impact driver.

Not to be outdone, after Frank went up the mast Dave soon followed.  Morgan is successfully replacing and/or improving systems for wind generator and mast-head lights and VHF, working hard and keeping all systems running well.

Our turn!  …Mark wasn’t that far behind & up the mast he went to replace our VHF antenna that turned out to have a corroded connector with a spare antenna.  The VHF itself is also dead, but that is another story.  Luckily the Kookaburra’s had a spare we can borrow to hook up for more range than our handheld VHF.  

So as you can tell preparedness gets you bonus points too, like when your throttle cable breaks and you happen to carry a spare.  Ask us how we know?!

Even if you are good at staying on top of it, shit happens.  But not to worry, fun activities are interspersed with boat projects for us all... 

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